Greta Catchlove! (greta_the_great) wrote in magic_past,
Greta Catchlove!

Random RP - come and play?

Who: The girls involved in the GCTs (and maybe the boys later depending on how this goes)
Where: Their dorm room
When: Tonight sounds good - October 26, 1976
Why: Eight girls bunking together who don't all normally? This requires a bit of girly gossip, dontcha think?

I am in a rather good mood as it stands, after today's competition. No, we didn't win the Potions one after that fiasco in the first part, but unbelievably, we managed to come back together in the second and do much better than the other schools would have expected us to. Who knew Snape could ever be reasonable?

I'm also excited for the broom races tomorrow, because our team has good flyers, and even if other schools thought we were rubbish in Potions, they never doubted out flying skills.

My good mood is likely to incite me to suggest what's been niggling at my mind these past few days, but I haven't actually voiced yet. "Hey! Let's have a pyjama party tonight or something! We really need to take advantage of all rooming together!"
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