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Who: Severus Snape, Quirinus Quirrell, Gilderoy Lockhart, and last but not least...Emmeline Vance
When: backdated to sometime on Saturday night
Where: somewhere inside a maze

The night are was crisp and dry, although the skies above were without a single cloud. The stars and moon provided the maze participants with enough light to allow them to find their way around, although each team was provided with an extra lantern just the same. Each team had been arranged to start from a different point of origin around the maze, with each trail they are to take being of equal length and difficulty. Outside they could hear the faint voices of their teammates in the distance, although the participants wondered just how long everyone would stay out waiting for them to emerge.

Severus Snape was up at the front, leading the other three remaining team members. Quirinus Quirrell and Gilderoy Lockhart followed behind him, with Emmeline Vance rounding up the group at the very end, her skinny arms hugging herself for warmth as the girl wished she had brought along an extra jumper. Yet she did not complain. She did not wish to waste any time, partly because she wanted them to really win this event after the recent Potions upset, and partly because she was a little bit wary that Severus might actually leave her behind if he became irked at her. In her optimism, she did not think he would do that...not really. At least, she hoped not.

She glanced up at the sky again, her eyes picking out the stars she had been using as their markers for most of their journey. The girl wondered how late it was, and whether or not Remus Lupin was still out and about, rooting for them. She smiled to herself then.

The voice of Gilderoy Lockhart brought her from her thoughts.

"How much longer will this take?" he asked, his voice holding a hint of frustration as he trudged along behind Quirrell, the shine of his shoes about as bright as the stars above, it seemed. "Seems as if we've been walking through this maze for hours!"

"That's because it has been hours," muttered Emmeline.



He glanced at her and promptly took off his cloak, tossing it casually over to her. "Take it. You look half-frozen."


"As for me, I don't need it," he continued, apparently ignoring her for the most part. "The cold air doesn't bother me. I remember how during the winter of my fourth year, I had to battle the elements when I dove into the half-frozen lake to rescue one of my Housemate's pet cat. The poor creature fell through, you see, and I had only my jumper for warmth. But that was all that I needed..."

Emmeline rolled her eyes as he continued on, his voice soon becoming a steady drone in her ears.
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