Pete (picayune_peter) wrote in magic_past,

Meanwhile, at Hogwarts

[Where: Hogwarts, in the Library]
[When: Sometime Saturday afternoon]
[Who: Anyone except those on the Germany trip]
[Why: Peter got bored- help alleviate this problem!]

Well, he'd tried to get Prongs to come have a little fun with him, but Wormtail decided he'd just have to find fun himself while his friend was having a pity party. Moony and Padfoot were probably having a blast on their trip- a fact which Wormtail did envy a little, although he was happy for his friends and their success.

Wormtail scratched his whiskered nose thoughtfully as he surveyed the library. It was quiet during this time of the day. Several students found themselves quiet corners and studied for various subjects; others sat at the long tables and flipped through the yellowed pages of ancient books. At least that one girl was gone- he wouldn't have to worry about her spotting him, making a scene while trying to find the "Super Rat." Frank's absence was another blessing, since Peter could roam freely without fear of being trapped in the pillowcase prison. That was a pain.

The rat leaned over the edge of the bookcase to the students below, looking for some fun to be had.
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