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[Who: Anyone and Everyone at Hogsmeade]
[Where: Er, Hogsmeade. Duh.]
[When: HOGSMEADE WEEKEND! I hate repeating myself? Okay? Okay? I hate repeating myself okay?]
[Why: Fun before you little kiddies are off to Germany.]

What people were now dubbing "the war" was starting to take it's toll on Hogsmeade. An all wizard village, the proprietors there were starting to grow a bit paranoid and distrustful. So when the streets were flooded with boys and girls recognised as students from Hogwarts, it was an uplifting sight. Surely these children weren't out to harm anyone? They were just out for some fun. Perhaps to get some sweets for their sweethearts, or to shop for the latest clothing, send some post or just sit and relax and enjoy some butterbeer. Not an evil eye amongst them, there couldn't be.

So the students were welcomed and in some cases coaxed into the stores and places that Hogsmeade had to offer. Take advantage of the deals, students. Who knows when next you'll get to come...
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