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[Who: James Potter, Sirius Black (Remus Lupin & Peter Pettigrew), everybody in Hogwarts]
[Where: Starting in James' dorm]
[When: After classes for the day, sometime before supper]
[Why: James loves his toys.]
[Rated: R for language and who knows what else]

*We'd like as many people as possible to join into this scene. They'll be moving from place to place, so don't be shy. If somebody joins the scene before you, join in anyway. The more the merrier!*

The room was quiet. Unusually quiet. Sirius and James were at their desks, working quietly on some such, while Remus and Peter were absent from the room for the moment. Frank was also working quietly. So there was nothing but the sound of quill versus parchment for anyone to behold. A rather tame late afternoon.

James looked over his shoulder and watched Frank stir. The other boy got up, packed away his things and with a smile and a nod to James, left the room. James smiled and waved back, but as soon as Frank was gone he pounced, spelled the door locked and turned to Sirius with a huge grin.

"Check it out," James cackled. He went to his bed and pulled out a trunk from underneath it. Before opening it he tapped it three times with his wand, then reached for the handle and pulled it up. The trunk opened, but there were now three parts to it. From the hidden compartment James pulled out a robe that sort of shimmered in the light.

"100% pure demiguise skin, the most potent Invisibility Cloak you can get. Dad decides this is the type of gift a guy like me needs. Isn't it bloody fucking brilliant?"

Standing straight, James put the robe over his head with a flourish and vanished from sight. "Tell me I'm gone! Where's a mirror?" James couldn't help but cackle mischievously. This was a prankster's dream.
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