Greta Catchlove! (greta_the_great) wrote in magic_past,
Greta Catchlove!

I guess I'll set this up

Who: Greta Catchlove and Ben Crouch!
When: Before supper, September 26, 1976!
Where: Outside the Greenhouses!
Why: Crazy lovebirds haven't RPed in a while!

It's starting to get a bit nippy out so I've donned a sweater as I wait outside the Greenhouses. I know once I'm inside them the temperature will be nice and regulated, but I won't be able to see Bart from there!

The Ravenclaw in me actually wants to see the interesting plants I hear are in Greenhouse 4 and Professor Sprout says we'll be working with later this year. I hear there's some Venomous Tentacula, which we'll have to watch out for, but I'm quite looking forward to seeing the supposed Chinese Chomping Cabbage there!

I still don't get why Marly disliked Herbology so!

Come on, Bart!
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