Evan Rosier (devilish_puff) wrote in magic_past,
Evan Rosier

[Who: Evan Rosier & open to whomever -nudges Alecto-]
[Where: Hogwarts grounds]
[When: Saturday afternoon after lunch]

The duel had done the trick. Beating Emmeline, even if it was fudged at the end, gave him a surge in confidence, as if his ego wasn't already inflated enough, and Evan found himself thinking about the injuries he had inflicted on his willing combatant. Served the girl right for being foolish enough to challenge him. She brought about every bit of that pain on herself.

Ah, well. He was doing his best to forget the stupid bint and move on, and he felt confident that the love he'd once helpd for her was slowly turning into an ember of hate that was dangerously close to blazing.

It was a lovely Saturday afternoon and he was enjoying himself by strolling around the grounds, slowly making his way down towards the Black Lake as a delightful breeze stirred the air around him and blowed his dark hair into unruly waves.
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